Requirement of Study Center

  Information Centre

  Study Centre

  Examination Centre

Requirement Documents :-

  • Photo copy of recognized Organization/School/institution by state govt. board.
  • Certified copy constitution of Society/trust.
  • Attested to copy of proposal of Organization/School/institution
  • Certified Map of Organization/School/institution.
  • Photo Graph of Building of Organization/School/institution.
  • List of Staff of Organization/School/institution.
  • Two Passport Size Photo with id of M.D of Organization/School/institution.
  • Stamp paper Rs.100/-.of M.D of Organization/School/institution.
  • Organization/School/institution the Accurated Recognized Fee Rs.21, 000/- in name Madhyanchal Mukt Vidhyalay Shiksha Sansthan. (MMVSS) After 15 day College will be declared.

Requirement Space :-

  • Principal Office (1)
  • Staff Room (1)
  • Library Room (1)
  • Class Room (8)
  • Science Lab (1)
  • Computer Lab (2)


Centre will be valid only for information centre/study center/Exam centre.

There renewal charge according to their town will be given at the start of Every new tenure (year).

A person who takes franchise of Madhyanchal Mukt Vidhyalay Shiksha Sansthan that cannot take franchise of another centre.

Every franchise centre has to use logo given by the Madhyanchal Mukt Vidhyalay Shiksha Sansthan.

All course and fee will be decided by head office franchise centre can not change according to him.

Monthly meeting held by head office every franchisee centre has to represent monthly report. Target will be given by head office and must be achieved by every franchise centre.

Identity card, all other types of Certificate (free of cost) will be given by the Madhyanchal Mukt Vidhyalay Shiksha Sansthan to the student of franchise centre. Prospectus and books will also be given by MMVSS .

No royalty fee will be charge for development project (i.e. web site design, portal, vortal & E comm. Front as well as any media design.) however development project in the initial phase those are being passed in to the franchiser due to the marketing effort of the franchisee will be detail on case to case bases, not taking in to account any royalty fee, so as help the franchisee gain confidence and sit it self up quickly.

Madhyanchal Mukt Vidhyalay Shiksha Sansthan all rights reserved.(

Student admission,examination, registration fee of course will be determined by MMVSS only.MMVSS can only bring any change in these fees.

Student admission, examination, registration fee of course and any other fees will be accepted only online by MMVSS.

Franchise centre has to submit the fee and data of student till (turn over) set by Madhyanchal Mukt Vidhyalay Shiksha Sansthan . Otherwise the records of that will not be accepted.

If the record will not given on time.

Franchise fee will not be refundable in any case franchisee’s authority will be valid only for one year.

The place of branch office can be changed by the permission of head office only.

All the expense (rent, staff salary, advertisement) of the franchisee have bear by the branch manager. Head office will not be responsible for the expanse and other mean off branch office.

Franchisee can start those all courses that are approved by head office only .If any franchisee center use course and certificate and keep contact with another institute, his recognition will be cancelled by MMVSS.

All course, course fee, the rule of board, franchisee fee, change in books etc can be could on time to time by head office.